Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Comparison of Magnetic Power Generator to Other Energy Generation Devices

Comparison of Magnetic Power Generator to Other Energy Generation Devices

– As compared to windmill:

To build a windmill one requires the following: a large area, huge investment, maintenance and favorable weather in order to produce energy. The central idea is power generation by wind depends on weather conditions.

Any variations on weather, such as: low wind pressure or bad weather makes the generation system to slow down or stop altogether.

Therefore, the windmill system is an unreliable medium. It is very crucial to maintain the windmill system at regular intervals. In comparison with a Magnetic Generator, we see that Magnetic Generator works without any external help and the weather doesn't affect its performance at all.

– As compared to solar power:

Solar power is derived from solar energy (sunlight) and is not very reliable in the cloudy weather. This source of power solely works under sunlight; equally it needs of a large area for installation. The areas where sunny weather is certain throughout the year is the most appropriate for the solar system. So the above mentioned reasons give a vivid contrast between magnetic and solar power.

– As compared to normal fuel generators:

In our comparison between the fuel generators and magnetic power generators, there is a huge difference of cost. Fuel generators require a great amount of fuel as compared to the magnetic power generators. Also maintenance, space for its installation, its sound and repairing of the generator (if needed) are other issues. The purchasing price is also too high to handle. You should keep in mind the possible dangers from it and you will have to prevent the children or pets to go near it. However, the Magnetic Power Generator is easy to use and it saves lot of money and fuel as well.

– As comparing with thermal power generators:

These generators consume the biggest area; need lot of money, man power and constant maintenance. It is based on water steam. Also when we compare it with Magnetic Power Generators we come to know that there is a huge difference in cost, space occupation and fuel consumption. Thus, magnetic power generator wins the comparison again.


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