Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Quick Review of Aion Mastery

I got a copy of the new Aion Mastery guide in my inbox the other day and wanted to give it a whirl so I could share with everyone how it worked. I usually don't spend too much time with these guides, if only because they tend to be underwhelming sooner than later. But, this time around I ended up spending a tremendous amount of time playing around with it to see exactly what I could get out of the guide before I switched back to non-guide playing.

To tell you the truth though, I don't know that I'll switch back. Aion Mastery is a heck of a good guide and it has helped me play so much better than I could possibly have played without it. I'm talking about huge boosts in speed to my play time – cutting up to a dozen hours off my last leveling time from 37-38 alone.

What Else Does It Do?

To top things off, the Aion Mastery guides make sure you're covered for both races, no matter which way you go. Some other guides out there are only for one or another race or only go up to a certain point. But, Aion Mastery is a full guide series up to Level 50 for both races.

But, the best part for me, and the thing I've been using the most of late, is the Kinah guide. It has been extremely useful for me as I'm not a big farmer in these kinds of games, but more than any other game I've seen before, you NEED to have a lot of Kinah in hand to proceed. Your wing upgrades at Level 30 alone cost 1 Million Kinah – that's some serious dough.

My Final Opinion

In the end, I don't think you're going to find any guide on the market that so thoroughly covers everything in Aion as well as Aion Mastery. This thing is downright thorough. The fact that I'm going to keep using it, even after writing this review should tell you enough. That's usually not my cup of tea.

For now though, I need to get going because I have a Daeva in much need of some new armor and a whole lot of crafting to do to get there. If you're interested though, check out the guide at the official site here:

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