Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tips for Reducing Stretch Marks via Massage

The fact is, most women who are pregnant, will get stretch marks to some degree. It is a natural part of the process of your skin expanding rapidly, and contracting just as rapidly.

However, you do not have to do nothing about them. There is growing evidence that reducing stretch marks via massage is a great therapy, and while massage cannot prevent them entirely, it can certainly lessen their severity. Here is what you should know:

§ Reducing stretch marks via massage is about not only the massage and stretching of your skin. It does also about stimulating blood flow to your skin, and that can be achieved very easily, by using a loofah or sponge to brush your skin gently when you bath or shower.
§ If you start the process of reducing stretch marks via massage early in your pregnancy, you can actually help the skin to stretch slowly and gently, and reduce the likelihood of deep, heavy marks.
§ Using a moisturising lotion or oil, such as cocoa butter, tissue oil or vitamin E oil can all help in your efforts of reducing stretch marks via massage, and it is even helpful after your baby is born. Experts say that these creams and lotions are most effective while the marks are red or purple though, so do not wait!
§ In addition to reducing stretch marks via massage, make changes to your diet that improves your skin. Eat more zinc rich foods, and include foods that are rich in vitamin A, E and C. Remember that too much vitamin A can be dangerous for pregnant women, so always speak to your doctor, or a nutritionist, before you start taking any supplements.
§ If you have made the effort, and have been actively trying to practice reducing stretch marks via massage during and after your pregnancy, then there are laser and other cosmetic treatments available that can further reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and give you skin that is almost as smooth as it was before your pregnancy.

Remember that you should always speak to your doctor about changes to your diet during pregnancy, and that you will need to learn pregnancy massage techniques to practice this sort of massage safely. Also, remember that even if you practice massage religiously, make dietary changes, and opt for cosmetic procedures, there is still a chance that your skin will not look completely the same as it did before your pregnancy.

Try to focus on what your stretch marks are a symbol of – the miraculous little person that you carried for nine months! That way, even if there are still traces of stretch marks on your skin later on, they will be a source of pride, rather than shame.





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