Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Weight Loss Equation Simplified

If you're trying to lose weight and are finding the massive amount of information (and misinformation) out there about how to do it best, you're not alone.

There's an easy way to lose weight but for some reason the dieting and nutrition industries have managed to confuse the subject so much many people don't know where to turn for the real answer.

I'm here to tell you what that 'REAL' answer is:

Your calories consumed must be less than the calories your body needs to function on a day by day basis.

In other words, "Eat Less, Move More".

Don't stuff yourself with every meal… or any "one" meal. This might seem like a no-brainer when you read it but you'd be surprised how many people gorge at meal time past the feeling of 'full' until they are stuffed, but wonder why they can't lose weight when they only eat one meal a day and starve the rest of the day.

Well, logically speaking, fat burning doesn't happen under these circumstances because that one meal was worth TWO days of calories and their body is unlikely to burn all of it off before their next huge meal the next day. Even worse off are the people that eat lots of meals throughout the day and do the same thing with every meal.

And, give your body lots of reasons to burn calories (which is why most weight loss gurus preach that in order to lose weight, working out is a must, and they are 'mostly' right).

You don't 'absolutely need to' work out to lose weight, but it sure helps. You CAN lose weight by dieting alone, but exercising can make it happen faster by creating a bigger calorie deficit (and help you get that 'toned and defined, fit look' that goes along with 'getting in shape' … dieting alone can just make you look like a smaller version of your current self, which may not actually be a fit 'look').

If you work out, you're increasing the amount of calories your body needs to get you through the day, but if you keep your calorie intake the same or lower as when you aren't working out, then your body automatically goes into a calorie deficit.

Once you've created a 'calorie deficit' your body is FORCED to take some of its energy from whatever energy you have stored within your body: your FAT. Take energy from your fat and the fat in your body is burned and therefore REDUCED! Yay!

This concept becomes even more powerful if you combine exercise with proper nutrition and further lower your daily caloric intake by a couple hundred calories.

Now you're in a deficit that can get you burning fat at an accelerated rate.

But now you also need to look at the quality of the calories you are consuming.

You don't want to feel starved, or deprived while you're doing this 'calorie deficit' thing so you're not suffering through this process, right?

The thing you really want to aim for is finding foods that will keep you feeling fuller longer (and this can be different kinds of foods for different people … we aren't all cut from the exact same metabolic cloth here), and eat a little bit less than you need to satisfy your body's caloric needs and NOT MORE.

So… what kinds of foods are the best so that you feel fuller, longer and not have to limit yourself to one meal a day or starving all day long every day?

Most people find that nutrient dense foods will make them feel fuller longer, as opposed to 'empty calories' that you find in most processed foods, fast foods and junk foods, refined flour and bakery goodies or sugary snacks.

So, look to fill up on whole, natural fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and meats and seafood. The closer to nature your food source is the more nutrient dense it will be. These types of foods also tend to be lower in calories than their processed brethren, so you can eat more of it and get fuller faster.

However, all that being said, it is not impossible to eat processed and junk foods and still lose weight as long as you're keeping your calories "IN" lower than your calories "OUT".

It's unlikely you'll be very healthy at your lower weight if you aren't giving your body the proper nutrients it needs so remember THAT when reaching for your next donut instead of a healthy salad. Also remember you won't be able to eat as MUCH junk food because of their extremely high caloric content.

So, if you want junk food, have it. But don't overdo it. And, remember it might just very well be your only meal that day if it's worth your entire day's calorie allotment.

Simple. Easy. No trick. Calories In must be less than Calories Out.

Get that math equation perfect and you'll lose weight. Guaranteed.





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