Monday, July 13, 2009

My Job at BBL

On 28 May ,2006, when I start my journey to Mohangonj, Netrakona from Dhaka to join the SME unit office of BRAC Bank Limited as a Customer Relations Officer, I was proud thinking myself as a banker.
When I reached at office I became surprised to see the small size,poor decoration and uncivilized stuffs of that office.
One of stuffs, Nazrul Islam, said, "Why have you come here! You will not able to do this jod. Go back! Puran pagol bhaat paina, notun pagol er amdani(in Bengali)".

I requested them to give me permission to stay and see for 3 days.
At that tme,Zonal Manager, Md. Nashir Uddin, came to visit the office and repeated the same words as of Nazrul Islam.
I requested him to give me work and to see the result, "if I can work ,I shall continue, otherwise I shall go back to home."

He, being kind to me, transferred me to Durgapur to open a new unit office.
After a long struggle , I had a good achievement.
Then I had been transfered to Kalmakanda in July 2008, to open another unit office. I had called to TM, Modan Mohan Karmakar, to review the decision. Actually, I aspect ed a Consolidation only. But the TM said,"If you do not want to go there, you must resign from your job.
I went to Kalmakanda, Worked hard to establish the market, and made a good achievement after a long run.
But I had been transferred to Hazaribag, Dhaka in July, 2009.Mr.Madan says,"Hi Rayhan! Haven't you give me thanks for I have transferred you to a good place?" Actually , when I joined the unit office of Hazaribag there was no desk and chair for me. I have worked 6 months without any my desk. ZM siddikur Rahman begins very rough behavior with me and says that I have been transferred here as punishment.

What is the reason for punishment?
In the ours of my job there was no 'show cause notice', no 'counseling', no 'warning letter'. Then, what was the reason of my punishment?
A hardness began again. I had to create new market for my own work.I worked and achieved a superior PM rating for the year 2009 and Excelent performance rating for the year 2010.
But, alas! I have been terminated on 24 January,2011 for an email sending to my friends(in bank) with a picture made of fun.The picture was drawn by me for fun only. But , Mr. Amzad Hossain Fakir has turned the FUN into a GUN, and has made the management understood that this GUN is very much dangerous for BRAC Bank Limited. I begged mercy of Head of SME, Mr. Sayed Faridul Islam, for my two sons, one of 3.5 years and another of 3.5 months only. But, in vain. As a result, I have lost my job after 4 years and 8 months service.
How funny the reality!

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